Making Space for New Experiences

This past weekend I was feeling funky. I didn’t feel 100% in my body, and my clothes didn’t feel great on me either. It’s embarrassing to say, as this is a minuscule thing to be concerned about given all the things that are going on in the world, but I wanted to share anyways.

I would describe myself as a highly sensitive person. Things like the fit of my clothes and bodily sensations are like sirens going off when things aren’t just right. I understand that I can do things to manage my emotions such as shift perspectives (check!), create a gratitude list (done!), and practice coping strategies to manage the frustration (on it!), but even with all that, it didn’t take away the discomfort.


I decided to do something I often do a few times a year – clean out my closet.  With my favorite music on and sipping some coffee, I proceeded to pull out almost every single item from my closet. My frustration and discomfort were rising and falling as I combed through the different items. I kept track of this, taking mental note of what was coming up for me.

Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” was such an interesting experience to read last year. The suggestion to surround yourself with things that bring joy stood out the most. It was time to do that with my closet. Currently, it was a place of frustration, things not fitting properly, uncomfortable clothes, and items that don’t represent who I am in this moment.


When I began to add things back, I put things in that brought joy and felt comfortable. I did this one item at a time, noticing my reaction to it, making a quick decision to keep it or not, working through the pile of clothes until it was gone. After all that, I took a shower and dressed myself again. I felt relaxed and energized in my body and with what was on it.

When you find yourself in a funky mood, explore and get to know it as if it were the first time you were experiencing it. Be open to your experience and give yourself time to be with what you’re feeling in different ways. Be mindful about what you need and what you don’t and nurture that. Perhaps even make that process a regular routine for yourself. And, if all else fails, at least you’ll have a clean closet!

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